Friday, September 12, 2008

Men, Women and Anal Sex

Most people prefer to think that women engage in anal sex for satisfying their partners only. In fact, it's not really so.

None of my female friends states that she's doing that just because she craves after experiencing pain and discomfort but wishes to deliver ultimate satisfaction to her partner.

Women claim in unison that they are doing that because they like what they really feel during backdoor stimulation.

Aside from the reason that anal tissues are endowed with myriads of sensible nervous endings, the wall which separates the rectum from the vagina excites and gets engorged during intercourse.

Most probably, this wall influences on those endings which transmit the information about stimulating the G-spot to the brains. As a result, women experience very intense sensations and even orgasms when stimulating this wall during anal sex.

When it comes to men and anal sex, it is worthy to mention that some of them experience pleasant feelings when being massaged and penetrated anally, too. Many males claim that they achieve powerful orgasms when stimulating their prostate gland, especially when it is pressed.

It is because of the nervous endings that transmit the signal from the penis to the brains. In a nutshell, men do also get blissful sensations when canoodling their male G-spot.

Generally, anal sex has gained a large popularity in the South American countries, especially in Brazil. Since it is a great chance to never worry about unplanned pregnancy. Moreover, the very population is very focused on its religion and principles which forbid the use of contraception methods.

Actually people from all the world get interested in this practice. Anal sex is “en vogue”, ladies and gentlemen! So you could try it out! Google for anal sex toys like butt plugs, anal beads, balls, anal lubes and many, many other accessories capable to make your beloved tight tunnel truly satisfied! Be in fashion and make your sex life more enthusiastic!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Watermelon for good potency

Watermelon for good potency Representatives from the Research Center of Fruits and Vegetables in collaboration with the American sexologists came to the conclusion that some sorts of berries have a beneficial effect on male libido. 

As it was found out, watermelon can become worthy and effective Viagra substitute. This juicy berry is able to increase potency! Watermelon is full of nutrients, which, reacting with ferments, speed up and trig particular processes in human organism. 

Thus, there is citrulline in the pulp of the berry. Though there is no much information about this type of nutrient, one of its property, discovered by the physicians, covers all the rest puzzles of this vitamine: getting into the organism, citrulline turns into arginine, which dilates blood vessels. 

Thereby it has an effect similar to Viagra effect. Besides watermelon is very good for urogenital system as we all know. It egests toxins from the organism, cures sore throat and reduces blood pressure.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pliable friend for sex!

Tight walls of realistic vagina create inexpressible sensations of sexual arousal.

Man experiences striking feelings using realistic vagina, because penis is massaged by the ribbed walls of the sex toy.

If the vagina is equipped with vibrating or sucking device, the climax is sure to be amazing! Sometimes the use of realistic vagina is necessary as a prophylaxis of male diseases.

Personal problems, caused by the routine of life, provoke tidiness and stress. Realistic vagina help man to relieve such stress.

Apply antiseptic on your realistic vagina before use. It is better to use condom during sexual intercourse, because hygiene is very important with this respect.

Apply lubricant or gel on all parts of your toy to achieve the best effect. Sexual pleasure is a reality with realistic vagina!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Music for sex

Special music may turn the night of love into something absolutely enchanting. Since having sex in silence is only possible in space, sounds, attending it, have to correspond with the case.

The most unpleasant variants are: yelling children outside, neighbors’ squabble behind the wall, the voice of sportscaster on the radio.

Choose mood music for you both and you will enjoy the happy moments of love!
Now is the chart of the best erotic tracks:

1. Just the song which played during your first sex. Be sure, associations will work unmistakably.

2. Ravel’s “Bolero”. It is not known what Ravel was doing when this melody came to his mind, but it sets the pace for sex so fantastically! Try it!

3. Madonna’s “Justify My Love”. The most recognized sex symbol ever is the expert in music for love making. However, it is better to use her old tracks, for example “Justify My Love”, “Erotic”, “Vogue” etc. This music is preferred by choleric lovers.

4. Mylene Farmer. Her tender lyrical songs are full of deep breathed voices, sex sounds, and besides she is a French singer! French was considered to be the most sexy language long time ago. Farmer’s songs are preferred by sanguine lovers.

5. Tori Amos. Red-haired singer seems to sing for melancholic lovers. Abrupt tempo change, amazing vocal and melody smoothness – great variant which will surely create erotic atmosphere.

6. Joe Cocker. Favorite track of all strippers in the world "You Can Live Your Hat On" from the classic movie “9 ½ Weeks” is not the only noteworthy song. Feathery deep voice of elderly musician has the magic impact on lovers of any age.

7. “The Doors”. Their plaintive songs are preferred by nonformals, a little bit crazy lovers, who appreciate sex keenly.

8. Garry Moore. "Still Got The Blues" is a classic of blues. Rather sorrowful melodies, but if you are in corresponding mood, this music will make your night unforgettable.

9. “Enigma”. Even if you listen to one and the same track several times, you will be hardly bored with it. The most important thing is that “Enigma” does not distract you from the “business”!

10. Barry White. It seems that Mr.White wrote his songs specially for sex! His sensual voice inspires you with passion and you want to love each other over and over again…

Monday, July 21, 2008

U2 in Mother Nature's Arms!

Your sumptuous bed with its colorful silk sheets and heart-shaped pillows - Yes, conquered territory!

Her bubbled jacuzzi with its sparkling scented candles and therapeutic water jets – Conquered!
Your parents' large car with its blackened windscreen – No doubts, conquered! That's it?! Nothing special and extraordinary!

Actually, there are other different exquisite places where couples could spend a half an hour of moaning with pleasure. For instance, in the open air...

A pastoral place like a secluded glade richly “decorated” with a rainbow of colors, mesmerizing fragrances and hilarious sounds could be a great stage for two sexually active actors to play their kinky roles.

Sex al-fresco is in vogue and most people are lured by the idea of exposing their nude bodies to the flora and fauna's view. Lovers' ardent desire to try it out beneath the serene sky, accompanied by the sound thrills of birds and butterflies' march is understandable.

The fact that you and your lovely partner get back to your roots, to Adam and Eva is truly impressive. Moreover, you are given the chance to park your bodies for free in Mother Nature's arms. To feel the wind tickling your hair, to smell the fresh grass' fragrance, to catch two perky bugs “making love”... Mood for a wild sex session is guaranteed!

There is something exciting in copulating in a wild place, isn't it? It might be really savage or romantic, slow and overwhelming. Nevertheless, Its Majesty Nature is not always so hospitable and kind with all its' guests.

You should be very careful about the place you've chosen for relaxation. Your negligence may cost you a lot. The entire native population of mosquitoes will achieve orgasms along with you, be sure! Be afraid of sexy spiders, wasps, beetles, snakes and even bears.

The idea that you may be caught in process adds extra spice and kinkiness to couples' al-fresco encounters. However, lots of them do not like this idea as it may be considered by many an illegal pastime. You may find a less densely populated zone where you could pleasantly chill out and relax at maximum.